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Other types of Holidays

Disney Travel

I had to put this one on here, of course, because it doesn’t really fit into any of the other groups. Amusement park travel, perhaps?

There may be an element of “beachy” vacation in there, but it’s certainly not all of it.

City Trips

These trips take place in a big city. Decbe Chicago, New York, D.C., London, or Paris. Or maybe slightly smaller cities, like St. Louis, Houston, or Springfield (any of them). But the main point of these trips is usually to do some sightseeing.

City travel may be more fast-paced than some would like for a vacation, but the great thing about it is that there are always endless possibilities of things to do and see (and taste!)

Bhutan The key to joy?

Citizens of one of the happiest countries on Earth are surprisingly comfortable contemplating a topic many prefer to avoid. Is that the key to joy?
I think these trips are great because there are so many different cities out there.


When I think of backpacking, I tend to think of Europe or Australia, but really you can do it anywhere.

Backpacking is really a form of budget travel (as opposed to luxury travel, which I suppose I should also somehow work into my classification system.)

Backpacking is also generally a longer-term type of travel than the typical vacation.

Nature | Adventure Travel

For this type of travel, you need some type of outdoorsy activity.

Camping, hiking, and whitewater rafting all fall under this category.

But, you don’t need to be terribly adventurous to enjoy the outdoors.

Event Travel

This is when you travel to a destination specifically to attend an event, .

It might also include attending a music festival or following your favorite band around on tour.

One of the main advantages to these types of travel experiences is that you will be visiting alongside thousands of people who share the same interest as you.

Long Term Slow Travel

This is the style of travel long term, slow, when you take several months or years to make your way around the world, staying in each location for long enough to really soak up the culture.

Long term travelers are often budget backpackers, trying to make their travel fund stretch for as long as possible by staying in hostels and looking for cheap food and attractions.